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Creative Advertising – AdBicy

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Making advertising efficient has become an important issue nowadays. And being creative has become a great part of this concern. Customers need results. The way people inform themselves and the great amount of information that is flying around their brains makes it harder and harder to achieve their attention.It is important to establish when, where, and how a roll up display image will finally get public’s attention.

Television and radio, once the most important sources of information have become more and more irrelevant to the public. The internet have become a very accessible medium for the flow of the information. However the amount of noise on-line is tremendous. People socializing, commenting, forums, pop-up ads, video blogging,  newsletters, social media marketing, search engine marketing, optimization, platforms, image sharing and so on have become very confusing and hard to evaluate in advertisers choose for getting results for their customers.

Creativity in advertising plays a great role in order to get attention and results. And this is valid also in traditional media (television, radio, newspappers etc) and new media (Web sites, streaming audio and video, chat rooms, e-mail, online communities, Web advertising, DVD and CD-ROM media, virtual reality environments, integration of digital data with the telephone, such as Internet telephony, digital cameras, mobile computing etc.)

However, even a creative advertising message launched through new or old media can fail to arrive to targeted public.  So the challenge is to attract people’s attention where they are off-line ( off new & old Media). And this brings us to street advertising. Out-of-home advertising is any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while she/he is not at home. This advertising type has more than 100 forms, from billboards to walls capes and airship advertising. Billboard banner advertising is the traditional outdoor format, but digital billboards, led screen have increased very much in the last few years. In urban centers you can see that street furniture (  bus shelters, newsracks, mall kiosks,  telephone booth etc.) are used to display adds and information to public.

Transit advertising is placed on anything that moves, such as buses, subway, trucks, food trucks,and taxis, but also includes fixed static and electronic advertising at train and bus stations and platforms. Airport advertising, which helps businesses address an audience while traveling, is also included in this category.  Alternative out-of-home advertising includes ads in stadiums, on gas pumps, bike racks, rest areas, lunch trucks, and other places. This is a way to surprise audience with advertising in places they would not expect.

One of this alternative out-of-home advertising methods is Adbicy, a creative and eye-catching advertising solution that brings very good mobility to billboards and bike trailers.  This is a unique way of advertising as attracts attention, is very mobile and eco-friendly. Thus costs are low and efficiency is great. People emphasize with environmental friendly transportation and with this kind of advertising. Adbicy can be transported with bikes or by person, in crowded places and squares.


So if you search for a way to promote your events or launch a new product or service, here’s a good, alternative, out-of-home way to reach potential customers.

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