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Fotoreportaj Viscri, Transylvania

By on 5 septembrie 2013 3 1610 Views

Doar fotografii, fara cuvinte šŸ™‚



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22 septembrie 2013 4
  • Antoni Kuhnen 11 ani ago

    Great pictures Feri!!!!!! Only with the camera???? Or photoshopped????? This is very good to accompany the package ""Viscri"""" We need some from the village itself, the house P.of Wales and the fortified Church to complete. What Yu think???? Well-done tks. I like!!!

  • Moni 11 ani ago

    Foarte frumos…. Pacat ca locurile acestea nu sunt putin mediatizate…frumoasa prezentare

  • Feri Teglas 11 ani ago

    With the Phone and some Instagram retouching šŸ™‚ I have a few with the village and the church, will use them.

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